Rules Of Debate

Attack or defend ideas, not people. And when your idea is being attacked, don’t take it personally. It’s the idea – not you. This gives us the freedom we need to protagonise change, speak passionately and move forward.


Leave your ego at the door, an idea is an entity in itself, whether it is proposed by a farmer or a judge, a 10 yr old or a 90 yr old… the idea is what is to be discussed, not who those making the arguments think they are or who they think the other is. Discuss your personal experience, that’s perfect, but no one wants your CV.


It is a crime here to shy away from controversy! Say what you believe and explain why, even if you think no one will agree with you – you might be surprised.


Be passionate, it’s OK, we are talking about our world, nothing more and nothing less than that.


Think about the words you are using, there is much terminology used in the Cyprus question that is outdated and serves to maintain subconscious notions, for example, speaking about “Peace”: we are evidently a people at peace, despite the problems that could arise between people as in anywhere in the world. We are at peace, not at war. We need to speak about reunification, not peace. If you don’t agree with the terms “Greek Cypriot” and “Turkish Cypriot” don’t use them, if you do, do! But let’s think about the words we are using.


Be comfortable with changing your opinions, ideas are not football teams. Ideas should change, shift and develop constantly and realising you’re wrong and sharing what you feel you learnt from that is one of the most liberating and fulfilling experiences you can have. Society, and the human, is emergent.


And LOVE, remember, we are fighting from love, even when we are infuriated, whether we realise it or not, we are not infuriated at the individual, but the mechanisms in society that have made them think or behave in one way or another, and we are all trying to share our freedom, whether we are right or wrong.


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